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Im Selling My House but I Needs Curb Appeal, Help!

Are you thinking about selling your home soon?  In the current market you may not need to do much for a quick sale. However, during times when houses aren’t selling overnight, it’s important to have some initial curb appeal. 

Would I recommend doing an entire new landscape installation in your front yard?  NO!  It’s a huge investment and no one wants to give money away.  But, if the front of the home screams, “I’ve not been cared for, so maybe in the inside is just as ignored”, you’re not doing yourself any favors.  If you have other homes for sale like yours in the area, a clean and cared for look can give your home the leg up it needs to win the sale.

A Garden Consult or Coaching session can be a great investment.  We will look at what you have, how you can give everything the best look without planting new or making a big investment.  Pruning, dividing, and adding mulch can often be all you need.  If there are empty spots, maybe we will suggest adding a birdbath or a specific size and type of planter with annuals to finish the area off.  This is a fun way to do things as these items can go with you to your new home. (Just be sure your realtor knows this and lists it in the contract).

Do the trees hide the pretty elements of the structure? Maybe pruning back a few branches will change the entire feeling of the home.  Are there shrubs that cover the picture window?  What can be done to correct this?  The earlier we help you in this upcoming endeavor, the better.  If large shrubs need pruning, it’s sometimes best to do it early enough that new growth can look better.  But looking at the overall picture and making recommendations for inexpensive fixes can make you more money in less time when it’s time to sell your home. 

Other issues that could need addressing around the property is grade.  Do you have low spots at the foundation of the structure that could eventually be invitations for water to enter the basement, you will want to correct this.  It’s something a good home inspector will note on an inspection report. 

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