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Garden Coaching

Is Education Important When You’ve Already Been Doing This For Years?

Education, Is it really important once you’ve been doing this foryears? Education, Is it really important once you’ve been doing this for years? I’ve been ...
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What are these prolonged extreme cold temps doing to my plants?

Recently, I’ve had a few people who are concerned about their plants reach out to me.  Will the plants die since we are having near ...
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Backyard landscaped with pavers and ponds Maintenance

Standing Water in the Spring?

Do you have areas of your yard that stay wet and soggy well into spring?  Maybe there are sections of your yard that cannot even ...
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Garden Coaching

Can You Plant in Michigan in the Late Fall or Early Winter?

Why NOT! Personal experience and observation have taught me that you can plant during these cold months. There are some factors that I believe should ...
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Garden Coaching

What is Garden Coaching?

Many people have never heard of garden coaching.  I don’t even know if it’s a common term in all areas.  Some people may refer to ...
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Curb Appeal

Im Selling My House but I Needs Curb Appeal, Help!

Are you thinking about selling your home soon?  In the current market you may not need to do much for a quick sale. However, during ...
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